Vredestein Quatrac all-season tyres review

Vredestein Quatrac all-season tyres are characterized by high adaptability to the road surface in any condition, low rolling level and excellent acoustic comfort. The model continues the tradition of the company Vredestein, which more than 20 years ago released its first prototype. tyres Quatrak has collected all the most modern, so the rubber has the best performance in any weather conditions.

The Dutch tyres have created a unique asymmetric tread pattern that combines the advantages of a summer and winter car tyre. The summer segment has a reduced void coefficient, which contributes to better handling and response accuracy in cornering, as well as high lateral adhesion on dry and wet roads. Winter segment of the car tyre with dense lamellation ensures confident car behavior on snowy and slippery road sections.

Engineers also managed to improve handling on dry roads by introducing an additional longitudinal groove, which is located in the outer section. Its walls are located at different angles, which increased the rigidity of the tread and, as a result, the driving characteristics.

Specialists of Fredenstein brand did not forget to take care of a high level of safety in winter, they developed and implemented special slotted grooves that increase the grip stability on the icy road.

All-season Vredenstein Quatrak tyres are:

  • Optimal tyre design provides low rolling characteristics, which reduces fuel consumption by 5-10%.
  • Correct pressure distribution increases the service life.
  • The aggressive tread area provides a short braking path.
  • Thanks to the introduction of new technologies, the tyre is as comfortable as possible in terms of acoustics.
  • All-season tyres are well adapted to weather changes and temperature surges, so the tyres remain always efficient and effective, no matter what the weather is outside the window.
  • During the creation of Vredestein Quatrac, the latest and most advanced technologies were applied. For example, silicone was added to the rubber compound, and a special combination of polymers was used, which improves the wear resistance, and as a result, the driving time is extended.

The updated alloy was created using a modern rubber mixing machine Quatract , which has a double structure, which means that the mixing of rubber and its silanization takes place simultaneously. It should be noted that some technologies were used for the first time when developing this tyre. Thus, in the central segment there are special 3D Grip Claws claws, which help to increase grip during cornering, which allows accelerating to the maximum speed even on snowy and slippery roads.

In Autobild Allyear tyre test 2020 205/55 R16 Vredenstein Quatrak Won the test and took 2nd place of 14

Wet: 93%
Dry: 95%
Snow: 75%
Running costs: 100%

In Autobild Allyear tyre 2020 205/55 R16 Stopping Distance test Vredenstein Quatrak took place #2 of 32

Stopping distance on dry: 44.4 yards (BEST 43.4 yards)
Stopping distance on wet: 50.6 yards (BEST 49.2 yards)


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