Maxxis Premitra All-Season AP3 tyres review

Maxxis continue to delight with novelties.

This time the Taiwanese company joined the Premitra family for the European market. New Maxxis Premitra All Season AP3 for passenger cars have a new tread pattern and rubber compound composition, ideal for year-round operation in regions with mild winter climate. The model has an off-road version – Premitra All Season SUV.

Maxxis specialists note that this novelty is a logical continuation of a fairly successful tyre series for all-season use. Maxis’ rich experience and 15 years of work resulted in a balanced all-season tyre for all weather conditions.

The directional tread pattern of the Premitra All Season AP3 has a very effective drainage system, which is able to cope with large amounts of rain and melt water at any time of year. The rubber compound has a high proportion of silica, which has a beneficial effect on braking and reducing rolling resistance. The novelty is characterized by high acoustic comfort, an order of magnitude higher than that of its predecessors.

Maxxis Premitra All-Season AP3 all-season tyres are manufactured by the same name Chinese company. But this is the case when “China can be different” Maxxis tyres for the last few years are traditionally included in the list of “confident mid-range” during tyre tests of profile AutoShift. So, the all-season Maxxis Premitra All-Season AP3 proved to be quite worthy: the testers noted good behavior and braking on a dry spin, normal driving qualities on snowy roads, and only to the “rain” standards there were certain remarks. What made it possible to achieve such results? Firstly, due to the directional tread pattern of the “herringbone”: this allows you to quickly remove water and melted snow from the tyre’s contact with the road. Secondly, the rubber compound is made with the addition of a “silica” component, which prevents the tyre from losing elasticity at low temperatures – and this is a better level of grip, lower rolling resistance, and more comfort in driving. Finally, the all-season Maxxis Premitra All-Season AP3 stands out with its saw-like lamellae, as if it were a full-fledged winter tyre – a solution clearly designed to improve traction when driving on snowy or icy surfaces. The result is an inexpensive all-season Maxxis Premitra All-Season AP3 tyre that, with the right level of precautions, can drive all year round.

The sidewall of Premitra All Season AP3 has a snowflake mark, which confirms the use of this tyre in winter.

For passenger cars, the tyre will be shipped in size 225/45 R17 and the off-road sizes will be known later.

Maxxis Premitra All Season AP3 IN tyre TESTS:

In Autobild Allyear tyre test 2020 205/55 R16 Maxxis Premitra All Season AP3 took place #14 of 14

Wet: 73%
Dry: 87%
Snow: 69%
Running costs: 65%

In Autobild Allyear tyre 2020 205/55 R16 Stopping Distance test Maxxis Premitra All Season AP3 took place #13 of 32 (62-0 mph)

Stopping distance on dry: 43.4 yards (BEST 43.4 yards)
Stopping distance on wet: 55.8 yards (BEST 49.2 yards)


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