Kleber Quadraxer tyres review

Manufacturer: Kleber (France)
Model name: Kleber Quadraxer
Car type: passenger cars
Seasonality: Seasonal
Spikes: no

Kleber Quadraxer tyre description

The Kleber Quadraxer lightweight tyre is distinguished above all by its versatility of use. This model was designed for use throughout the year, which is actually reflected in its name. This is mainly due to the V-shaped symmetrical directional pattern, the design features of which will be discussed below.

Good controllability on snow and ice

One of the characteristic features of this model is good traction not only on snowy but icy roads as well. In many ways this is a merit of the tread pattern, containing a large number of edges of the clutch. They are formed by having many individual blocks, which are grouped into five longitudinal ribs. However, much more clutch edges are formed due to the dense lamelination of most tread elements. Especially in this sense, the central longitudinal rib is different. In this case, most of the clutch edges are arranged transversely, which allows the tyre to demonstrate excellent performance on snow and ice during acceleration and braking.

High braking performance and excellent wet grip

The block design allowed the Kleber Quadraxer to be equipped with a very advanced drainage system, the efficiency of which was significantly increased by the V-shaped arrangement of the tread elements. Another extremely useful addition, which significantly increased the speed of water drainage from the contact spot, was the numerous grooves in the shoulder areas, the curved shape of which significantly accelerated this process. The numerous lamellas that guide the water into the longitudinal drainage grooves have also played an important role in ensuring high resistance to aquaplaning.

Excellent directional stability on dry roads

In summer time, this model will give as much pleasure to its adjusted controllability as in winter. The very stiff central longitudinal rib provides excellent directional stability as well as very precise and extremely fast responses to steering turns. In turn, shoulder areas containing many transverse rectangular blocks allow for efficient acceleration and deceleration as well as stability during cornering.

Key features of the Kleber Quadraxer tyre

  • A wide range of applications thanks to the possibility of operation throughout the year;
    -excellent controllability on snow and ice, thanks to the many coupling edges formed by many individual tread blocks and lamellas;
  • high resistance to aquaplaning thanks to the open tread pattern design, which contains a large number of transverse and longitudinal drainage grooves;
  • excellent grip and directional stability on dry roads is ensured by a rigid center rib and many transverse shoulder blocks.

Kleber Quadraxer IN tyre TESTS:

In Autobild Allyear tyre test 2020 205/55 R16 Kleber Quadraxer took place #8 of 14

Wet: 78%
Dry: 85%
Snow: 100%
Running costs: 76%

In Autobild Allyear tyre 2020 205/55 R16 Stopping Distance test Kleber Quadraxer took place #14 of 32 (62-0 mph)

Stopping distance on dry: 47.2 yards (BEST 43.4 yards)
Stopping distance on wet: 56 yards (BEST 49.2 yards)

In Használtautó.hu Winter tyre stopping distance test 2020 205/55 R16 Kleber Quadraxer took place #15 of 16 (37-0 mph)

Stopping distance on dry: 16 yards (BEST 15.2 yards)
Stopping distance on wet: 16.2 yards (BEST 16.2 yards)
Stopping distance on ice: 37.5 yards (BEST 17.9 yards)


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