Falken EuroAll Season AS210 tyres review

Falken EuroAll Season AS210 is an all-season tyre for passenger cars, which appeared in the brand’s range in 2018. The manufacturer guarantees exceptional traction on dry and wet road surfaces, maximum resistance to aquaplaning and slash, comfortable and safe driving.


The new Falken EuroAll Season AS210 all-season tyre, which is produced in 2018, is designed for use in passenger cars and urban off-road vehicles. It will be an excellent option for those who do not want to spend on removable shoeshoes for their cars. At the same time, this model is roughly designed for mild winter climate conditions, for severe frosts and intensive snow drifts it is not particularly suitable. If you take into account the fact that many drivers in such conditions do not operate their car, then you can safely buy a season tyre Falken Euro Ol Season AC 210.

Features car tyre Falken EuroAll Season AS210

The tyre shows excellent grip on wet and dry roads, it is resistant to slash and aquaplaning and is able to create the most comfortable and safe conditions for movement. This model follows the predecessor of EuroAll Season AS200, in comparison with which it has increased its driving characteristics, and also became a little more economical. which has improved ride characteristics and a 12% longer driving time. Thanks to two new innovations of the manufacturer, the tyres are characterized by increased driving comfort, wear resistance and provide 10% fuel saving. The directional aggressive pattern of the V-shaped tread immediately catches the eye. The car equipped with these tyres looks stylish and emphasizes its individuality. The tread is represented by symmetry, it is not divided into separate zones with respect to a certain functional direction.

Advantages of Falken EuroAll Season AS210:

  • Responsiveness to steering commands;
  • Reduced interior noise;
  • Full predictable behavior;
  • Excellent maneuverability, confident cornering;
  • Minimized sliding and aquaplaning;
  • Excellent grip on wet and dry roads;
  • Reduced braking distance;
  • Adapted to changing weather conditions;
  • Low price range;
  • Smooth and quiet running;
  • Extended service life.

Splitting of tread into blocks from center to sidewalls. Such a tread pattern has created blocks of curved, extended to the sidewalls type. The whole surface of the tread is covered with small lamellas, there are slots of different depth and shape. This pattern allowed adapting the tyre to different types of roads, dry and wet asphalt, ice, snow. The tyre behaves confidently at high speed on any road, and also maneuvers perfectly, passes turns, perfectly keeps the course. The tyre instantly responds to commands sent by the steering wheel, behaves predictably, if necessary, effectively brakes, practically does not slip on a slippery road.

Additional features of the Falken EuroAll Season AS210

Rubber Mixture uses Advanced 4D NANO Design technology to reproduce the molecular bond adjustment at the nano level. In this way, the tyre became resistant to wear and abrasion. The grip has also been improved, the operating temperature range has been extended and the rolling resistance has been reduced. The latter has made the tyre economical in relation to the fuel consumed by the vehicle. The inside of the frame was sprayed in the form of a polyurethane layer, which reduced the noise range and provided more comfortable interior conditions. The direction of the tread pattern and curved shape of drainage channels made it possible to clean the contact spot area from water and melted snow at maximum speed. High throughput of the channels prevents slush and aquaplaning, increases safety for the driver and passengers. The area of the contact spot is enlarged in the tyre, it strengthens stability, traction properties, and ensures even wear and tear during the whole period of operation. Thanks to the extended temperature range, the Falken tyre is not worn on dry asphalt, does not melt in the sun and does not blow in the cold.

All-season Falken EuroAll Season AS210 tyres are:

  • high level of traction force;
  • powerful grip in all conditions;
  • quiet and soft running;
  • resistance to aquaplaning and slash;
  • fuel economy;
  • wear-resistant rubber;
  • extended service life.
  • Falken brand is known and very popular all over the world. It is owned by a subsidiary of Sumitomo Corporation – Ohtsu tyre and Rubber Corporation, which produces high-quality car tyres with first-class characteristics at affordable prices.

Information about Falken EuroAll Season AS210

✔ What is the tyre rating?
Rating 3.0 of 5
✔ Which countries are manufactured in?
✔ In what diameters are available?
R13, R14, R15, R16, R17, R18, R19
✔ Since what year is on sale?
since 2018


  1. In Autobild Allyear tyre test 2020 205/55 R16 Falken EuroAll Season AS210 took place #5 of 14
  • Wet: 82%
  • Dry: 76%
  • Snow: 85%
  • Running costs: 75%
  1. In Autobild Allyear tyre 2020 205/55 R16 Stopping Distance test Hankook Kinergy 4S2 took place #11 of 32
  • Stopping distance on dry: 46.7 yards (BEST 43.4 yards)
  • Stopping distance on wet: 56.1 yards (BEST 54.3 yards)


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