Continental AllSeasonContact tyres review

The Continental AllSeasonContact all-season tyre is designed for compact and medium sized passenger cars. The model is available in several dozen wheel sizes from 14 to 18 inches in diameter. Designed to suit the climatic conditions in Western and Central Europe. Characterized by excellent traction properties on slippery roads from snow and rain, high braking efficiency and reduced rolling resistance.

Adaptive compound

This model was one of the first to use Traction Silica compound in tread production. It has an extremely high silicon content and special polymers that provide optimum elasticity when the ambient temperature changes. This largely determines the stability and reliability of the traction properties under different road conditions.

Braking Efficiency

The shoulder zones of the tread are of considerable width and contain numerous transverse blocks with narrow slots in the middle. As they move, they produce a large number of very long faces. This is where the tyre clings to even the smallest irregularities in acceleration and braking. The efficiency of the tread in these driving conditions is maintained on the wet surface as well.

Reduced rolling resistance

This tyre is characterized by one of the best fuel efficiency indicators in its category. This is largely due to the reduced rolling resistance, which has been achieved with several solutions. One of them is the optimized shape of the sidewalls, which is provided by the characteristics of stiffness of the breaker and a special filler in the rim of the tyre. Another factor contributing to the reduced rolling resistance is the tread depth. It has been selected without compromising other performance characteristics by means of computer simulation.

Main features

  • is designed for compact and medium sized passenger cars;
  • adaptive compound provides optimal tread elasticity over a wide temperature range;
  • braking efficiency is ensured by long edges formed by blocks and blades in shoulder areas;
  • reduced rolling resistance due to optimized sidewall shape and tread depth.

Continental AllSeasonContact tyre tests:

  1. In Autoklub ČR Allyear tyre test 2020 205/55 R16 Continental AllSeasonContact Won the test and took 1st place of 7

Total: 100%
Wet: 90%
Dry: 97%
Snow: 92%

  1. In Autobild Allyear tyre 2020 205/55 R16 Continental AllSeasonContact took place #3 of 32

Wet: 85%
Snow: 96%
Running costs: 83%

  1. In Autobild Allyear tyre 2020 205/55 R16 Stopping Distance test Continental AllSeasonContact took place #8 of 32

Stopping distance on dry: 47 yards (BEST 43.4 yards)
Stopping distance on wet: 49.2 yards (BEST 53.1 yards)


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